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Story Notes – “The Grays of Cestus V”

I love the Fall. The weather’s great, football season has begun, and this year I have a story out in the September/October Asimov’s! All I can say is wow! Asimov’s! You can buy it in bookstores and everything! I feel so honored to be part of a magazine that has left such an important, indelible, and ongoing mark on the SFF world.

My contribution to this wonderful publication is the story of an artist living in a mining colony (on Cestus V, as per the title) who has begun discovering new types of gray.

The story notes for this one will have tons of spoilers, so if you haven’t read the story yet, stop and get the issue and check it out. It’s a wonderful issue, with great stories (including one by my personal friend and fave Leah Cypess). Okay, all done?

Then let’s go – it’s notes time!

Story Notes – “Snake Season”

Forget April Fools Day – it’s new story day!!! I’m absolutely thrilled to have my story Snake Season out in such a wonderful publication! I love The Dark – they publish such amazingly creepy and terrifying dark fantasy and horror, and were high on the list of venues that I wanted to see my work in. It doesn’t hurt that they also have beautiful covers, a top-notch editorial team, and are known for publishing lots of women and people of color.

I am not the best at describing my own stories, but I call this my “babies on the bayou” piece – it’s about a pregnant mother, her young son, and the dead little girl who comes visiting. Well, sort of. Check it out here before reading the notes below – spoilers abound!

One last fun note before the nitty-gritty – this is the first story that was part of my new initiative to commission art to celebrate short story sales. I love doing it because it lets me take part of my story sale money and use it to support another artist, and also because it makes me feel fancy (especially since I’m a ways off from having a novel with cover art to promote).  For this story, I commissioned work from Sarah Macklin – check out her website here, which is the heading for this post. I absolutely love it – I think she really captured the place and Marie.

And now, on to the notes!

Story Notes – “Sour Milk Girls”

I have a story out in Clarkesworld. Let me say that again – I have a story out in Clarkesworld! If you haven’t read it, it’s a story about orphan teen girls and sharing memories and a feisty hacker named Ghost and you can read it for free online here. What a way to kick off 2018!

Before I get to the normal story notes, I have to say – this sale was a big surprise. I have quite literally said out loud before that while I love Clarkesworld, I was pretty sure I’d never sell there because my work is very different than what I thought they’d be looking for. Let this be a lesson to me in 2018 – don’t self-reject, don’t second guess editors, and always listen to the wise words of Ian Muneshwar (who encouraged me to submit the story in the first place).

And now onto the notes! There shouldn’t be major spoilers in them, but just to be safe, read Sour Milk Girls first!

An Amazing Year

It’s been so fun to read everyone’s end of year eligibility for SFF awards posts this year. Personally, though, I’ve had nothing published in 2017. I’m off the hook (well, I’m Campbell-eligible, but probably very very unlikely to be nominated for that). But even though I’m not eligible, I think…

On Safety Pins

I know. It’s been a week. And what you absolutely wanted to talk more about right now was safety pins. Right? Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back. So here’s the thing about safety pins: Safety pins are small. They’re hard to spot. They’re unobtrusive. Their very nature is to…

Writing “Wolfy Things”

My story Wolfy Things is out at Podcastle! My first-ever sale! Squee!

I’m stealing a page from Benjamin C. Kinney‘s book and jotting down some notes on the story. Nothing about what it means or how readers should think about it – part of the fun of reading is the interpretation. Still, I’d listen first before reading any further, just in case I accidentally spoil something in the process. The link to the story is here – Wolfy Things.