2022 Awards Eligibility Post

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these, but in 2022, I had some gaming projects published that are all eligible for both the Nebula Award for Game Writing and the Hugo Award for Related Work, highlighted by a project near-and-dear to my heart, Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel.

I love every project I do, but this project gave me the opportunity to bring a new location to D&D lore – Godsbreath, a love-letter to the Black experience in the US South focused on community, agriculture, worship, oral storytelling, and the challenges of a dying land. As is written within the opening of the Godsbreath Gazetteer:

In Godsbreath, danger and beauty walk hand in hand. Along the southern coast, the murky, monster-stalked Nightwater Islands support tight-knit communities whose colorful houses perch on stilts. On the mainland, rising from the shore of Nightwater Cove, stands Promise, a town of brightly painted buildings and bustling trade. Northward lies a band of crimson soil known as the Ribbon—the source of this land’s agricultural prosperity—which weaves through woods and floodplains. Beyond the Ribbon spreads the treacherous land of the Rattle, a territory that might hold the key to Godsbreath’s future.

I also contributed the adventure that takes place in and showcases Godsbreath, an adventure for level 3 characters called “Written In Blood,” which gives the players an adventure in the Gothic Southern Horror tradition, full of creepy places and a mystery that has its origins close to home. In addition to my contributions, I also have to shout out the book as a whole, which had a collaborative and brilliant all-POC writing team that individually and collectively brought our whole selves to the table.

In addition to Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel, the following projects that I worked on and were published in 2022 are also eligible – I’d love for folks to check out any and all of them! All but one (NaughtyBits, the Interactive Fiction piece where you play as a sex chatbot going on electronic speed dates to prove your sentience) are TTRPG projects.

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