Random Thoughts

An Amazing Year

It’s been so fun to read everyone’s end of year eligibility for SFF awards posts this year. Personally, though, I’ve had nothing published in 2017. I’m off the hook (well, I’m Campbell-eligible, but probably very very unlikely to be nominated for that). But even though I’m not eligible, I think it’s good to state out …

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On Safety Pins

I know. It’s been a week. And what you absolutely wanted to talk more about right now was safety pins. Right? Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back. So here’s the thing about safety pins: Safety pins are small. They’re hard to spot. They’re unobtrusive. Their very nature is to try to quietly hold things …

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Die, Darlings, Die!

Kill your darlings. It’s one of the pieces of writing advice you hear all the time. But until recently, it never really meant anything to me. I had no problem cutting scenes from a story, or even cutting a whole character. Obviously I was sooo advanced of a writer that I didn’t need the old …

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