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Story Notes – “Sour Milk Girls”

I have a story out in Clarkesworld. Let me say that again – I have a story out in Clarkesworld! If you haven’t read it, it’s a story about orphan teen girls and sharing memories and a feisty hacker named Ghost and you can read it for free online here. What a way to kick off 2018!

Before I get to the normal story notes, I have to say – this sale was a big surprise. I have quite literally said out loud before that while I love Clarkesworld, I was pretty sure I’d never sell there because my work is very different than what I thought they’d be looking for. Let this be a lesson to me in 2018 – don’t self-reject, don’t second guess editors, and always listen to the wise words of Ian Muneshwar (who encouraged me to submit the story in the first place).

And now onto the notes! There shouldn’t be major spoilers in them, but just to be safe, read Sour Milk Girls first!

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Writing “Wolfy Things”

My story Wolfy Things is out at Podcastle! My first-ever sale! Squee!

I’m stealing a page from Benjamin C. Kinney‘s book and jotting down some notes on the story. Nothing about what it means or how readers should think about it – part of the fun of reading is the interpretation. Still, I’d listen first before reading any further, just in case I accidentally spoil something in the process. The link to the story is here – Wolfy Things. Read More