Upcoming Appearances

I’m planning my 2023 schedule now – stay tuned for details as things get finalized!

Recaps & Recordings

Panel Recordings
While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoy being on panels – the conversations are usually wonderful and I always walk away with new things to think about or put into practice. For example, I spoke on a panel about freelancing at the 2022 Nebula Conference and was buzzing with enough ideas afterward that I had to share some of the tips and tricks that work well for me in a Twitter thread here In recent years, I’ve loved the opportunity to be a part of more panels as a viewer and participant thanks to the number of cons that were either virtual or hybrid. A few of the ones I’ve been a part of remain available for viewing on YouTube, including:

Podcast Appearances

Exciting news! Starting in 2023, I’m joining the core cast of the amazing podcast Writing Excuses, which I’ve had the chance to join as a guest a few times in the past (episodes listed below). I won’t be listing all the new episodes here, because that would take up a ton of space, but feel free to check us out at writingexcuses.com.

Guest Blog Posts

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