A Very Nice No

So I heard back from the Clarions. Clarion UCSD wait-listed me, while Clarion West very nicely rejected me and encouraged me wholeheartedly to apply again next year. I’m thrilled. Seems odd to feel good about hearing a no, but this is my first time applying to these kinds of programs and I really rushed into… Read More A Very Nice No

Writing Inspiration

The Writing Excuses podcast has me thinking about inspiration – it’s everywhere. In a tumblr post, in a conversation, in the items at a thrift store visit. Here are a couple of the things inspiring me right now…

Idea Farming

I’ve just discovered the Writing Excuses podcast, and I can’t believe it took me so long. Brandon Sanderson, one of the four authors who hosts the podcast, is one of my favorite writers, and I’m always looking for new writing resources. I’m in extra luck, because this year the podcasts are being structured as a… Read More Idea Farming