Who I Am & What I Write

I am a Black speculative fiction and non-fiction writer finishing up my MFA at the Stonecoast low-residency program out of the University of Southern Maine. I primarily write about worlds that don’t yet (quite) exist – visions of the future, sideways glimpses into magic realms, quick trips into the land of the horrifyingly possible.

I blog here from time to time about writing and things that randomly get my goat.

Fiction Publications


“Snake Season” – The Dark – A story about motherhood and sacrifice and the bayou.


“Wolfy Things” – Podcastle – A story about a boy, a wolf, and the choices we make. Story notes here.

Non-Fiction Publications

“How To Tell If You’re Living In A Dystopia – And Why It Matters” – Tor.com – An essay about the many flavors of dystopia, and why the genre as a whole is still important.

“Still We Write” – People of Color Destroy Fantasy – An essay on starting out in the SFF industry as a person of color.

“Three Months on the Inside” – Soap Opera Confidential – An essay on my time as an intern for Guiding Light.

“Rebirth, Truth-with-a-Tea, and FIYAH – People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination – A review of the first two issues of FIYAH.