I am a Black speculative fiction and non-fiction writer who just finished getting an MFA from the Stonecoast low-residency program out of the University of Southern Maine. I primarily write about worlds that don’t yet (quite) exist – visions of the future, sideways glimpses into magic realms, quick trips into the land of the horrifyingly possible. I am also fascinated by people who embody one of my favorite Sondheim lyrics: nice is different than good.

When I’m not writing stories or working on a novella, I sing karaoke more than I should probably admit, write for businesses and non-profits as a communications consultant, write for games as a staff writer on Season 7 of Zombies, Run! and for an upcoming interactive novel with Choice of Games, and read as much as I can. I was thrilled to be named the winner of the Speculative Literature Foundation‘s 2017 Diverse Worlds Grant and Diverse Writers Grant, and am trying very hard to live up to the promise they saw in my work.

I’ve also started dipping my toes into the water of editing – I have been an Associate Editor (aka slusher) for Hugo-nominated! Escape Pod since January 2017 and an Associate Editor for Pseudpod‘s most recent Artemis Rising call and open submission window. I am also absolutely thrilled to be guest co-editing the special Southeastern POC issue of Strange Horizons alongside renowned editor Sheree Renee Thomas and fellow guest co-editor Rasha Abdulhadi.

I blog here from time to time about writing, things that randomly get my goat, and how things are going with me.


Published Fiction:

“Snake Season” – The Dark – A pregnant mother deals with ghosts of the past on the bayou. Story notes here.

“Sour Milk Girls” – Clarkesworld – Orphan girls adjust to a new arrival and the memories she carries. Story notes here.

“Wolfy Things” – Podcastle – A boy meets a wolf and makes a decision. Story notes here.

Upcoming Fiction:
“The Grays of Cestus V” – Asimov’s – An isolated artist on a bleak planet sees colors no one else can.

Non-Fiction Publications:

“How To Tell If You’re Living In A Dystopia – And Why It Matters” – Tor.com – An essay about the many flavors of dystopia, and why the genre as a whole is still important.

“Still We Write” – People of Color Destroy Fantasy – An essay on starting out in the SFF industry as a person of color.

“Three Months on the Inside” – Soap Opera Confidential – An essay on my time as an intern for Guiding Light.

“Rebirth, Truth-with-a-Tea, and FIYAH” – People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination – A review of the first two issues of FIYAH.