Pick All The Awards!

I saw Selma with family over Christmas and I loved it. The acting was very good, but what really made it work for me was the direction – strong enough that I noticed it, but subtle enough that I only saw it as a good thing (kind of like a beard on a handsome man). There is a moment shortly after the film opens that made me gasp, despite knowing exactly what was coming, and cast an event I’ve known about for years in a whole new light.

And yet, it didn’t get a Best Directing Oscar Nod. From what I understand, screeners went out late or not at all, and I don’t think this was ever the type of movie that Oscar voters would go in droves see on their own in the brief window between release and when ballots were due. And so it goes – the little people don’t get to control things like that.

Except when they do.

I found out today that I can nominate for and vote on the Hugo Award by becoming a supporting member of Sasquan, which is this year’s WorldCon. On the one hand, I think I knew that – I vaguely paid attention to a voting controversy last year that seemed to center around block voting, but it still seemed like something that members of the elusive published in-crowd were debating. Nope. I can be a part of it! For just $40! I’m psyched. Not only does this get me more into the specfic culture, but it also means that I’ll get a chance to really consider some of the best stories of the year and weigh in. I can’t wait.

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