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Story Notes – “NaughtyBits”

And now it’s time to get a little naughty. NaughtyBits, a 6000-word piece of interactive fiction that I’d describe as “a sex chatbot goes on dates to prove her humanity while limited to her x-rated vocabulary” (or maybe “sex mad libs during the AI revolution”) is out in the world! Check it out here. As with […]

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Things That Make Me Go Ooh!

So I have been super-lucky recently and I have three pieces of awesome news to share here on the blogosphere. First, I’m going to be published in Asimov’s!!! This September!!! Can you believe it? I’ll have full story notes out when it hits in the September/October issue, but this is a story about ah artist

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An Amazing Year

It’s been so fun to read everyone’s end of year eligibility for SFF awards posts this year. Personally, though, I’ve had nothing published in 2017. I’m off the hook (well, I’m Campbell-eligible, but probably very very unlikely to be nominated for that). But even though I’m not eligible, I think it’s good to state out

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On Safety Pins

I know. It’s been a week. And what you absolutely wanted to talk more about right now was safety pins. Right? Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back. So here’s the thing about safety pins: Safety pins are small. They’re hard to spot. They’re unobtrusive. Their very nature is to try to quietly hold things

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