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Writing “Wolfy Things”

My story Wolfy Things is out at Podcastle! My first-ever sale! Squee! I’m stealing a page from Benjamin C. Kinney‘s book and jotting down some notes on the story. Nothing about what it means or how readers should think about it – part of the fun of reading is the interpretation. Still, I’d listen first before reading any …

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Die, Darlings, Die!

Kill your darlings. It’s one of the pieces of writing advice you hear all the time. But until recently, it never really meant anything to me. I had no problem cutting scenes from a story, or even cutting a whole character. Obviously I was sooo advanced of a writer that I didn’t need the old …

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A (Half) Year in Review

Since I let this blog get a little cobwebby over the last year, a recap post seems like the perfect way to come back to the world. I was inspired by my awesome writer buddy Leslie Starr O’Hara the Cyborg Valkyrie, who wrote back in January about her writing goals for the year and put …

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Bingo Square Achieved: First Pro Sale!

I’ve sold a story! Wheeeeeee! “Wolfy Things” will be on PodCastle sometime this summer. I’m so excited to hear this story voiced – it’s got dialect and wolves and I wrote it and people get to hear it! Whee!

Why The Hugo Noms Make Me Sad

I’m new to science-fiction and fantasy. Not as a reader – I devoured Isaac Asimov short stories in elementary schools and loved Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality in junior high and went through everything Philip K. Dick ever wrote by the time I finished high school. And not as a writer – while I am …

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A Very Nice No

So I heard back from the Clarions. Clarion UCSD wait-listed me, while Clarion West very nicely rejected me and encouraged me wholeheartedly to apply again next year. I’m thrilled. Seems odd to feel good about hearing a no, but this is my first time applying to these kinds of programs and I really rushed into …

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