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An Amazing Year

It’s been so fun to read everyone’s end of year eligibility for SFF awards posts this year. Personally, though, I’ve had nothing published in 2017. I’m off the hook (well, I’m Campbell-eligible, but probably very very unlikely to be nominated for that). But even though I’m not eligible, I think it’s good to state out …

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Why The Hugo Noms Make Me Sad

I’m new to science-fiction and fantasy. Not as a reader – I devoured Isaac Asimov short stories in elementary schools and loved Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality in junior high and went through everything Philip K. Dick ever wrote by the time I finished high school. And not as a writer – while I am …

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Pick All The Awards!

I saw Selma with family over Christmas and I loved it. The acting was very good, but what really made it work for me was the direction – strong enough that I noticed it, but subtle enough that I only saw it as a good thing (kind of like a beard on a handsome man). …

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