Getting Back on the (Writing) Horse

I celebrated my application to Clarion the only way that made sense – by not writing at all for 2 weeks. I mean, what’s more fun: working on your writing, or Twitter-stalking everyone who applied to Clarion, making calendars in your head about when people heard in previous years and comparing it to this year, reading current works of previous Clarion attendees, and generally making yourself crazy? Obviously, it’s door B.

In my defense, it’s been a busy couple of weeks with work, freelancing, and pretending to prepare for my half-marathon (which I completed yesterday without dying – yay me!), but still, I’ve had plenty of time to watch all of Legend of Korra, which means I had plenty of time to Do The Thing and write. All my fellow Clarion applicants/Twitter-stalkees seem to write a story a day and have 15 submissions out/3 books written/4 short stories published/a statue of themselves waiting to be unveiled during Worldcon. They are seriously impressive – hope I get to meet them one day in Seattle/San Diego.

So it’s time to get back in the game. I’m scared to look at my Clarion submission pieces, which are the ones furthest along in the writing process, lest I find out how horrible they were or find another typo. Which leaves me with the option of either working on my two Island of Misfit Toys stories (aka those which need serious revision/revamping) or starting on one of my many new shiny story ideas like a crazy woman who collects new cats even though she can’t feed the current ones. Either way, I hereby pledge to the zero people who read this blog that I will begin writing again. Tomorrow. For sure.

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