A Very Nice No

So I heard back from the Clarions. Clarion UCSD wait-listed me, while Clarion West very nicely rejected me and encouraged me wholeheartedly to apply again next year. I’m thrilled. Seems odd to feel good about hearing a no, but this is my first time applying to these kinds of programs and I really rushed into it and did it without knowing much of what I was doing. So to get encouraging denials makes me feel like I really have a shot at this whole writing thing. Still not doing enough (creative) writing, but I’m brimming with ideas, so all I need to do is focus and put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard, in my case).

I’ve still got a few programs to apply to – VONA Voices went out on the 15th, and I’m applying to Odyssey and Viable Paradise next. But even if all of them form-reject me, I’ll feel good about this season of program applications. Now I just need to start getting some nice rejections from publishers to get me closer to my 100, and I’ll be doing just fine.

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